what we’re listening to

Ever since The Great Collapse of Marcy’s Laptop earlier this year I’ve listened to music less (which is sad) but since getting a dog and going for long walks with her I’ve gotten into more podcasts (which is great!). Here’s what I’ve been listening to these days:

I love a good podcasts, guys. They’re so perfect for listening to while on long walks (or even short walks) where you can just get in the zone and go. To me, it’s less jarring than listening to music where the feelings and tones can change from track to track. I, of course, devoured Serial last fall – Sarah Koenig’s voice is so incredible. There are other podcasts that I listen to a few episodes of here and there but I don’t follow very many. I know there are lots of great ones out there, but here are my two standbys:

Elise Gets Crafty by Elise Cripe | iTunes

This is my number one favorite podcast right now (and has been since I started listening). Elise Gets Crafty is a weekly podcast about blogging and small business and creativity and inspiration and motivation. Elise brings on guests that are super interesting and I always feel like I’ve learned something. It gets me excited and the shownotes are a great resource. The episodes are on the shorter end of the spectrum usually about 30-45 minutes which I can usually finish during my afternoon walk so I always look forward to my Wednesday walk.
One thing to mention is that this is not a professional studio recorded podcast – which many iTunes reviewers point out can be distracting. I personally don’t mind and find it to be approachable and easy.

woolful podcast

Woolful by Ashley Yousling | iTunes

This is a podcast for fiber folk or those interested in the world of fiber arts and the different aspects of the industry. Ashley brings on guests ranging from shearers and shepherds to knitters and weavers to spinners and business owners that each have their own fascinating story to tell. I’ve enjoyed learning more about this industry and it’s different facets.
There are lots of episodes and they’re long so they’re my back-up.

The Radio
Embarrassingly enough I’ve been listening to ‘top hits’ radio stations while in the car since my van can’t play CDs. The radio is such a crazy place, there’s so much I don’t care for, but I dig:

Shut up and Dance with Me // Walk the Moon  –  I want to have my wedding again just so I can dance to this song.
Honey, I’m Good // Andy Grammer  –  This song is so. fun.
Budapest // George Ezra  –  Groovy and chill.
Bright // Echosmith  –  Fun and cute but my gosh do they play this one to death.
& life is far too short to pretend you don’t like catchy Taylor Swift songs so I’ll just say I’m not over Bad Blood and Blank Space yet (Style, not so much). AndChainsbyNickJonasbutwewonttalkaboutthat.

As far as other music and albums go, You Were Never Alone by Emery is playing lots around here, but I’ll let Matthew explain that one. Emery is literally the sound of falling in love & I love them.

Hey y’all. Matthew here. Lately I’ve been enjoying my new job where I can put my headphones on and jam out while I work. It’s awesome. Here are a few things I’ve been listening to:

You Were Never AloneYou Were Never Alone // Emery

In one the deepest places, the heart and soul of me and Marcy’s history, you’ll find Emery. They are my favorite band and have been since high school. They just released their 6th studio album, You Were Never Alone, on their brand new record label, Bad Christian Music. I helped with the crowdfunding of this album, and it is Emery, so it has a special place in my heart. If you like rock, emo, screamo, motown, metalcore, punk, or anything inbetween, then chances are you’ll really like this album [yes, there really is a bit of motown soul thrown in there, and it is fabulous]. I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen them three times in concert, and I really need to take Marcy next time they’re nearby [Matt, Toby, Josh, Dave, or Devin, if you’re reading this, come to North Carolina]. Click here to listen!

starsanddustStars And Dust // Songs Of Water

Songs of Water is an amazing band from Greensboro, NC, which, coincidentally, is just about to release a new album! I was first introduced to them through their violinist, who is a friend of a friend, and since then I’ve been hooked. Their style is beautiful, and really, songs of water is an apt description. From trickling streams and serene lake shores to churning oceans and vast waterfalls, Songs of Water’s blend of poetic lyrics and beautiful melodies speaks to the mind and soothes the soul. I’m not kidding, y’all. They play a huge variety of instruments and styles, and their blend of American folk with world music crosses cultures and genres. Marcy and I were able to see them last summer, and let me just say that they. have. some. real. talent. I got a sneak peek at this album since I contributed to the crowdfunding, and it truly is awesome. Right now you can stream their entire upcoming album Stars & Dust – Click here to listen!

bonesBones // Son Lux

Son Lux has to be in my top five favorite artists of all time. I was introduced to Son Lux early on, before the first album was actually released, and it has been amazing to see their progression over the years. The band started as just Ryan Lott crafting intricate, beautiful melodies out of thousands of sampled instruments and sounds, as well as lending the music an ethereal, ghostly quality with his unique voice. Most recently Lott recruited Rafiq Bhatia on guitar and Ian Chang on drums to round out the sound and give Son Lux a strong new dynamic. Each album has been different from the rest, but always fantastic, and always showing new artistic growth. Marcy and I saw them perform live a few months ago, and we were ridiculously impressed. Son Lux got style. The new album, Bones, comes out June 23 and you can hear two of its tracks right now – Change Is Everything, and You Don’t Know Me. Click here to listen!

[Bonus song: Son Lux wrote my most favorite song of all time: Stay, from his debut album, At War With Walls And Mazes. We got to hear this one live and it was unbelievable. Hearing your favorite song performed in person is definitely a once in a lifetime moment. Click here to listen!]

what we’re listening to

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