our wedding // reception


Party time!

But really, there’s nothing quite like the relief of being DONE planning a wedding and being able to just relax and enjoy everything and everyone.

marcy-matthew-wedding-531marcy-matthew-wedding-560 marcy-matthew-wedding-568

We spent some time before the reception taking more portraits [which resulted in some muuuuuch better light].

But then it was on to dinner!

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One of the big things I learned about planning a wedding is that at the end of the day the details don’t really matter – it just matters that you plan and prepare for something. People need to eat and somewhere to do that, but the specifics of what and where don’t make or break the day [unless it’s like reeeeeally bad, then maybe it would]. I love hearing the relief and joy in the parents’ voices at receptions – it’s just too good.


We had a bounce house at our wedding. No, I’m not kidding. It was so much fun my family even used it the next day for a birthday celebration too!


For our wedding favors we made homemade vanilla extract, bottled and labeled it all ourselves. We even spent hours and multiple drill bits on making the custom display…

marcy-matthew-wedding-626marcy-matthew-wedding-630marcy-matthew-wedding-627 marcy-matthew-wedding-625

Entering the party like: whaaaat whaaat


First dance! Let me just say, if you’re nervous about this you should be. Not really, but I would definitely recommend practicing before hand. You don’t need legit dance lessons or anything, but just practice moving together and talk about how you want your dance to go. We trimmed our song down quite a bit so that it didn’t drag on. It was definitely short, but we didn’t have any awkward moments of “man, this song just keeps going, doesn’t it?”

Don’t be nervous, this part is way fun even if you aren’t a dancer couple planning on doing the Dirty Dancing routine.


One of my favorite parts of the reception was the anniversary dance! We chose some songs to be played and had all the married couples come to the dance floor to dance. Then callers announced lengths of time and the couples sat down as the number of years surpassed their years of marriage until only the couple marred the longest was left. The first one was: “if you have been married for less than 4 hours, please have a seat” which ended Matthew and I’s short stint on the floor :). It was lots of fun and it turned out my aunt & uncle were the winners!

marcy-matthew-wedding-704marcy-matthew-wedding-712 marcy-matthew-wedding-716

Instead of a traditional cake, we had a tower of mini cinnamon rolls. So. Good.
[our cute cake topper]

marcy-matthew-wedding-639marcy-matthew-wedding-638marcy-matthew-wedding-640marcy-matthew-wedding-717 marcy-matthew-wedding-722 marcy-matthew-wedding-723

One of the other personal touches was the bonfire + s’mores.


Dance party!


We enjoyed every last drop of the evening, in spite of the dropping temperatures.

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It was such a good day.

our wedding // reception