twelve blankets one year // september 

Welp, finally getting around to posting September’s blanket!

In September I decided I didn’t want to buy any yarn and instead used my stash of scraps to make a scrap yarn blanket! This blanket is 100% inspired by this one. But I definitely don’t think it turned out quuuuuite as well ;).

I knit this blanket in the seed stitch which I think works really well since adding the different blocks causes the stitching to go in different directions.

One of the hardest parts of this blankets was picking up the right amount of stitches. As you can tell by the bubbling in some sections, I picked up too many on some rows which makes the whole thing a little awkward.

In it’s current completed state it’s quite small and reminds me more of a door mat or a small area rug than a blanket. But the cool thing is I can just pick it up and add more whenever!

This was a fun little blanket to try out the technique on, but this pattern has my mind swirling with ideas…

Simple, easy enough, and my favorite: done.

twelve blankets one year // september 

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