Planning a baby shower for my sister.

Knitting up October’s blanket and
Needing to buy more yarn for it already.

Fighting to get up in the mornings to run.

Reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians #1 and thinking how fun it is after taking Greek Tragedy in college.

Watching Star Wars with Matthew.

Trying to be motivated to clean my house.

Working on a digital 2016 goals tracker.

Wearing hoodies + jackets & loving it.

Drinking hot coffee out of my new favorite mug.

Cooking in the crock pot lots.

Dreaming about Christmas, but
Remembering to enjoy November first.

Getting overwhelmed by all the tabs open in my browser and in my head.

Doing too much window shopping.

Cleaning up my phone by using Google Photos.

Loving these gorgeous ornaments and hoping they don’t sell out.

Feeling crazy inspired by Melissa Hartwig’s latest periscopes and feeling almost ready to jump back on the Whole30 train…

Wishing you a happy Friday + great weekend!


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