our wedding // ceremony


Our wedding ceremony was the heart and soul of our wedding day.

Leading up to it I literally got knots in my stomach just thinking about walking down the aisle and speaking in front of everyone. But when the moment arrived the nervousness didn’t. I was so relieved to not spend such an important moment sick to my stomach.

marcy-matthew-wedding-027 marcy-matthew-wedding-322 marcy-matthew-wedding-323 marcy-matthew-wedding-324 marcy-matthew-wedding-329 marcy-matthew-wedding-330marcy-matthew-wedding-331 marcy-matthew-wedding-332marcy-matthew-wedding-333 marcy-matthew-wedding-335marcy-matthew-wedding-336 marcy-matthew-wedding-338 marcy-matthew-wedding-343marcy-matthew-wedding-344

During the walk down the aisle, most of my focus was on not tripping over the front of my dress, which was somehow still too long in the front. I remember laughing with my dad and feeling so excited and slightly weirded out that so many people were looking at me.

marcy-matthew-wedding-346 marcy-matthew-wedding-348marcy-matthew-wedding-349 marcy-matthew-wedding-351 marcy-matthew-wedding-355 marcy-matthew-wedding-357 marcy-matthew-wedding-362 marcy-matthew-wedding-363 marcy-matthew-wedding-365 marcy-matthew-wedding-369 marcy-matthew-wedding-371marcy-matthew-wedding-377 marcy-matthew-wedding-378

Matthew was feeling excited and pumped and focused on smiling so that his focus on walking at the right pace didn’t take over his face. All I remember is that by the time I could see him, he was definitely smiling.

marcy-matthew-wedding-388 marcy-matthew-wedding-395marcy-matthew-wedding-398 marcy-matthew-wedding-399marcy-matthew-wedding-402 marcy-matthew-wedding-404 marcy-matthew-wedding-406 marcy-matthew-wedding-410marcy-matthew-wedding-407marcy-matthew-wedding-423marcy-matthew-wedding-428

We both wrote our vows and it was incredibly sweet, but then Matthew took it one step further and SUNG his which was a total surprise [as you can tell by the last picture].

marcy-matthew-wedding-432 marcy-matthew-wedding-434 marcy-matthew-wedding-437 marcy-matthew-wedding-439marcy-matthew-wedding-441 marcy-matthew-wedding-443 marcy-matthew-wedding-445 marcy-matthew-wedding-447 marcy-matthew-wedding-448 marcy-matthew-wedding-449 marcy-matthew-wedding-450 marcy-matthew-wedding-452 marcy-matthew-wedding-456 marcy-matthew-wedding-457 marcy-matthew-wedding-459 marcy-matthew-wedding-461 marcy-matthew-wedding-462

I was so blessed to have my friend sing during two key parts of our ceremony, the ring blessing, and the feet washing.

Everyone gave me “you’re crazy” looks when I described what I wanted to do for the ring blessing (so I didn’t describe it to many), but it was one of the most special parts of the day and we were thrilled to include our guests in our ceremony in that way.

marcy-matthew-wedding-471 marcy-matthew-wedding-472

Nothing too crazy or ridiculous happened during our ceremony and it went as rehearsed, thanks to the small army who helped ensure it did. Weddings are a ton of work and we are so grateful for the amazing people who gave of themselves on our wedding day.

marcy-matthew-wedding-477 marcy-matthew-wedding-479 marcy-matthew-wedding-481 marcy-matthew-wedding-482 marcy-matthew-wedding-483 marcy-matthew-wedding-485


p.s. Happy Back To The Future Day! Hopefully this means the edited hoax photos will stop going around 😉

our wedding // ceremony

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