2015 goals update// october 

It’s filling up!

Since the last update, progress has been made in every category! Yay!

Current stats:

  • Reading: 10/10 or 100% // Revised: 18/20 or 90%
    [completed June 20, 2015]
  • Writing: 50+/50 or 100%
    [completed September 10, 2015]
  • Knitting: 7.5 + .5/12 or 66%
  • Learning: 1/1 or 100%
    [completed July 21, 2015]
  • Scrapping: 0.5/2 or 25%

Feel most accomplished about: Thanks to blogging daily for the Blog-tember Challenge last month, The King Crew has well over 50 posts! It feels so good to add another completed to the list. 

I’ve also gotten started on my scrapbook albums! I’m at the point where I’m bare-bonesing our yearly album and at the moment our honeymoon pages are in the 2014 album. And as for the wedding album, I’ve got supplies, printed photos, a plan, and a few completed spreads.

Struggled most with: Knitting has taken a bit of a back seat the past few weeks but I’m excited to have a plan [and the funds!] for the next batch of yarn. Plus, with the fall weather starting to roll in, knitting is becoming more and more appealing – and the finished product more and more needed! I plan to finish this year-long project strong and I’m loving planning for the last three(!!) months.

Moving forward: I am super excited for my next two blankets’ plans: one, making a blanket for Matthew and, two, a special blanket in our wedding colors! I’m going to be branching out with my yarn choice for these two with Plymouth Yarn Encore in worsted and mega. September’s scrap yarn blanket is coming together nicely and one of the best parts is it can be “done” whenever but is also easy to add more. I’ve lost steam on it so I think I’ll wrap it up by weaving the tails in and call it “done” – at least until I have more scraps ;).

This goal tracker has been such a fun project and I have enjoyed watching it fill up as the months go by. I’ve already started thinking about next year’s and am excited about the prospect of being able to start at the beginning of the year! In those thoughts is a plan to create a digital printable which would make it super simple to update from year to year/season to season/etc. We’ll see.

Happy Friday!

2015 goals update// october 

2 thoughts on “2015 goals update// october 

  1. That is too cute!! I am all about goal, and checklists…at one point I even had 5 of those temperature bar graphs on our fridge for different goals and projects….so I love the visible, cute, fillable list you made!


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