our wedding // wedding party


Our incredible wedding party was made up of 75% family but all 100% are dear friends. We are both richly blessed in the family + friends department and determining the size of the wedding party, for me, was one of our hardest decisions. We wanted to keep things on the smaller, less overwhelming side, and to do that meant careful consideration of who to include.

Honesty hour: I struggled a lot with this, not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings or leave anyone out. There are so many decisions that go into planning a wedding and for someone who has been called indecisive her whole life, the whole process was exhausting. But at the end of the day I was the one who had to live with my decisions and in the wedding party department, I think we nailed it.


I mean, come on – look at those gems <3.


Sisters all around! My six bridesmaids were my three sisters and Matthew’s three sisters. We have amazing sisters and it felt so right to have the six ladies I’d be spending special occasions and holidays with the rest of my life by my side for the Big Day. Plus, over the years, I grew close to Matthew’s sisters and they have become dear friends.


For some, choosing all family might not be the right choice, but for me it was and these six ladies helped, supported, and celebrated me during the months leading up to and on the actual wedding day.

Our gorgeous bouquets were created by a family friend florist who also did bouquets and arrangements for my sister’s wedding. She did an incredible job and I’m so thankful to have such stunning photography to preserve their beauty! Our bouquets featured dried wheat, lavender, delphinium, larkspur, stock, lizianthus, monte casino, and spray roses. The bouquets were one of the surprising elements of the day because, while I told the florist the colors, style, and flowers I liked, the first time I saw the final product was as my bouquet was handed to me on my way to the first look.

bridesmaid dresses: forherandforhim.com in deep claret


Matthew’s men were three of his brothers-in-law and three of his long-time friends. They’re such a fun [and handsome!] group.

It was fun for me to just hear about how much fun the guys had hiking and go-karting together for Matthew’s bachelor party.

Matthew may have been born with only sisters, but these are his brothers.


As a gift, Matthew got each of his groomsmen burgundy bowties to match the ladies’ dresses. Their boutineers were simple greenery + lavender and Matthew’s had the addition of a few white spray roses.


One of the best things about having our siblings+theirspouses in the wedding party was how it gave us this:


these are my people and this picture almost brings me to tears every time I look at it. You can be sure an 8×10 is framed in our living room. ❤

As far as scrapbooking the wedding party goes, I’ve got two spreads and two inserts! All that’s left is filling in some journaling cards and embellishing a bit and this section will be done! I’ve got some fabric swatches and other ephemera from the planning stages that would be fun to incorporate those things too. I’ve not been able to scrapbook every day like I originally planned, but I’m doing more than I had been!

our wedding // wedding party

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