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SO impressed with this breakdown of the envelope system. So much so it motivated me to get started with it.

A fun roundup of some creative ladies’ top five books.

An encouraging article my mom shared with me about how ‘woman’ is translated & described in The Bible.

Another interesting article about rich habits vs. poor habits.

Totally obsessed with these two photo projects: one / two.

Some fun, free, downloadable 3×4 photography quote cards.

Why we need to take street harassment seriously. yes & amen.

Alton Brown’s list of favorite coffee shops? Time for a road trip!

For iPhone users, by now you might have heard about Apple’s new Wifi Assist with the most recent iOS update, here’s a really quick explanation + how to turn it off.

Trying to fall in love with someone? Ask them these 36 questions.

One of my favorite marriage poems: Love Her More And Love Her Less

After a month of blog-tember wondering if this book or this one would be a worthwhile investment.

Some lovely free brush script files.

All of Copeland’s Ixora & TWIN synced up.

weekly links | 1

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