farewell summer // hello autumn


Three months ago I posted our Summer Manifesto, full of all the fun things we wanted to be sure to do this summer. Here’s how we did.

Not too shabby! We didn’t get in any back deck sittin’ in the summer months but we recently got some outdoor furniture that will help us get some in before it gets too cold!

We had kind of a stressful summer with lots of financial hiccups. We didn’t get to many of the outdoor water items, but we still had fun on our walks and playing with Onyx in the A/C ;). I didn’t make any sorbet, but I did make two rounds of ice cream for Matthew’s birthday!

We made it to the beach three times, drank cold brew almost every single day, partied hard for Matthew’s GOLDEN birthday, welcomed a new little niece into the family, laughed, kissed, and enjoyed every drop of weekend that came our way.

And now it’s time to say goodbye, Summer. 

And hello Autumn!

Though I try to love them equally, Fall really is my favorite season. I can easily appreciate each season, but there’s something completely magical about the trees changing color, the air becoming crisp, and the excitement of pulling out sweaters and jackets as Thanksgiving and Christmas get closer. I also love that, in the fall, I can go for a ten minute walk without sweating through my clothes.

And so, as you can imagine, there are lots of things I want to be sure I do this season. Namely celebrate our first wedding anniversary and not gain 10 pounds over the holidays ;).

So here it is! Our Fall Manifesto:

fall manifesto

farewell summer // hello autumn

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