blog-tember day 30 // farewell


Wednesday, Sept. 30: A farewell coffee date.

It is sad to say farewell to this blog-tember challenge. Thank you to Bailey for hosting! I’m proud to say I finished strong. The past 30 days flew by and I enjoyed sharing them with you. I’m so thankful and excited to see some new faces around The King Crew and I hope you’ll stick around ;).

Blog-tember inspired and motivated some new ideas and I’m excited to share a sneak peak of what you can expect to see here (or in your inbox) in October:

Return to Monday/Wednesday/Friday posts – blogging every single day for 30 days was definitely a challenge and I’m welcoming the return to my scaled back schedule.

Wedding Wednesday – in honor of our anniversary month, I will be sharing parts of our wedding each Wednesday throughout October! In those posts I will also be sharing some peeks into my wedding scrapbook each week as I complete corresponding layouts. My goal is to get. it. done. by our anniversary on the 25th. To help get me there I’ll be adapting Kellie Winnell’s 31 minutes for 31 days challenge of setting aside time to scrapbook and create each day in October. Hoping the 30/30 app will keep me on track. I need to become more intentional about carving out crafting time and if that means setting a timer then so be it. Once we hit October the year seems to wrap itself up lightning fast and I would love to get my scrapbooking wrapped up the same way.

Weekly Links – a new post series I plan to incorporate into my editorial calendar. I find myself with wayyyy too many tabs open wanting to remember things I’ve found on the Internet. A weekly links post will give me a place to put everything and the permission to close the tabs. Plus, I get to share my finds with you! This also means a bonus post each week around here! Not sure which day yet, so stay tuned.

Around Here/Currently/Highlights – I’m also going to start incorporating a regular update type post. Not set on frequency yet, but I do plan on a monthly highlight reel that can easily be shared on Facebook and incorporated into a scrapbook to keep a snapshot record of our lives. This is super simple and something I wish I started a year ago. It will be more open ended and goes beyond my monthly goals update posts.

As always, you can expect more knit blankets, goals, a recipe or two, self-reflection, and pictures of Onyx ;).

A sincere thank you to everyone who followed along this Blog-tember.

Thank you & welcome aboard.

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blog-tember day 30 // farewell

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