blog-tember day 29 // ten blog topics

Tuesday, Sept. 29: Write your own list of 10 blog topics to inspire us next month.

The past 29 days have been so inspiring. Having a prompt given to you frees you up to think up some yourself.

Here are ten blogging (or journaling) prompts to get you rolling in October:

  1. My Favorite Place  – Write about one of your favorite places! It can be anywhere: somewhere you live, visit, where you work or read or escape to. If possible, use this as an excuse to go there 😉
  2. Share A Recipe – This could be your own, a family recipe, or one you just found on the internet that you love. Make it and share pictures or just share the link and why you love it.
  3. Ten Things I’ve Learned This Year – Write a list of ten things you’ve learned over the last year, big or small. This is also a great journaling prompt!
  4. Fall Bucket List – Share your fall bucket list! What do you want to be sure to do this season? Bonus: review your Summer List and share what you crossed off!
  5. Favorite Instagram Follows – Share your top Instagram follows – with links so we can follow too!
  6. Workspace Wednesday – Tell us about where you work, whether it be your day job or where you blog/craft/create/cook/etc.
  7. Time Capsule – Create a time capsule post about yourself. Current favorites, what’s going on in the world and in your life, things that are special to you, favorite item of clothing, etc. Then set a reminder to re-read it in a year!
  8. Staycation – Plan a staycation that features all the fun things you love to do in your own town – where would you stay, what would you do, where would you go eat?
  9. Start a New Regular Post – Start a regular Currently/Around Here/Highlights/I Love series! Pick one and then make it a regular addition to your blog.
  10. Give Yourself A Break – Take the day/week off and don’t apologize for it! Do something you wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise whether it be going out, reading, shopping, getting together with a friend, heck even cleaning, or just taking a nap. Whatever it may be, enjoy it! Write about it when you come back from your break – or don’t! Up to you 🙂

I hope these ideas get you going and spark some ideas of your own! I’m excited about October on The King Crew.

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blog-tember day 29 // ten blog topics

6 thoughts on “blog-tember day 29 // ten blog topics

  1. I love the Workplace Wednesday idea! I would love to read about everyone’s work space. I’m a total stationary and organization nerd so getting a peek at how everyone organizes their work space and what supplies they use would be awesome!


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