blog-tember day 24 // favorite blog[ger]s

favorite blog[ger]s

Thursday, Sept. 24: Shout out five of your favorite bloggers. Who are your regular reads?

EnJOYit by Elise Blaha Cripe – hands down. forever and ever and ever. I found Elise about a year ago and read her entire blog from the beginning. She’s incredible and I feel so proud of her and all she has accomplished. She’s just my total favorite and I’ll support her until the death of the internet [and then even after that].
So many things I decided to take the plunge into were inspired by her – ProjectLife, knitting, making a quilt, blogging. The way she gets excited about the things shes doing gets me excited. She is just plain inspiring. I love her GET TO WORK BOOK and listening to her podcast, too!

While Elise’s is the only blog I read daily, some of my other favorites are:

abeautifulmess – Lots of fun DIYs & recipes! Elsie + Emma have created an amazing team and I enjoy following everyone on Instagram. I’ve also loved being subscribed to Happy Mail, a monthly stationary kit full of fun and unique cards. Matthew and I haven’t gone to the store for a single card this year!

coffee + crumbs – A super sweet collaboration blog about motherhood. I found them through Elise’s guest posts. Much of this blog could bring me to tears and I know it has been invaluable to many moms out there. I look forward to reading [and maybe even contributing!] in the future season of motherhood. They recently opened a super sweet shop that’s worth checking out.

Natalie Creates – I found Natalie when she was a guest on Elise Gets Crafty and I started following her on Instagram. She is just too cute, runs a farm with her equally cute husband, and I’m inspired by her life + style. She has a shop that she opens for limited runs of happy flags and the cutest headbands that I’m still waiting to pounce on one day. She has some canning recipes on her blog that I’m trying to get brave enough to try sometime.

pinch of yum – An excellent food blog. These cookies are one of my favorites to make when I don’t have bread&cake flours and at least 24 hours for refrigerating my other favorite recipe. They do these amazing monthly traffic & income reports that are kind of mind-blowing. They also have some awesome resources for food bloggers, Food Blogger Pro and Tasty Food Photography (eCourse). More than anything, the way they have been able to monetize their blog is impressive and inspiring. Also a really great Instagram follow.

Tracy Benjamin/Shutterbean of Shutterbean – I also found this blogger via her episode on Elise Gets Crafty that led to me following her on Instagram and then checking out her blog. She posts fun pictures of her son’s lunches she packs and shares her big meal prep using #shutterbeanmealprep – super inspiring and motivating to see each week. Also, this grapefruit thyme cocktail is AMAZING. I love her I Love Lists Friday posts. Definitely check her out!

tracyxo – I’m pretty sure I came across Tracy on either Instagram or Studio Calico’s site. She creates beautiful scrapbook layouts and is all about documenting her life, Single Girl’s Scrapbook style. I find this really inspiring when so many people are married and have spouses and/or kids that are the main focus of their albums. I love her style and the pictures she posts of her ProjectLife pages are always so gorgeous which she often posts on Instagram.

There are tons of great blogs + bloggers out there and I’m happy to have come across these lovely ones.

What about you? Who/What are your favorites? I’d love to know!

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blog-tember day 24 // favorite blog[ger]s

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      1. Keep your eye out for a good price on a good pressure canner and the rest is way easier than you’d think it would be. I’ve been learning some this summer and it’s so rewarding to see the fruits of your labor stored up. Plus you get to enjoy fresh tasting seasonal things during the off season and that’s such a treat.


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