blog-tember day 23 // guest post!

Wednesday, Sept. 23: Grab a guest post. Recruit a friend or fellow blogger to share on your space for the day.

Guest post day! Hooray!

Since I got behind with my scheduling, it was going to be hard to pull off getting a guest post, but Matthew kindly agreed to write one about how he cares for his leather.


Hey everyone, Matthew here! I know I’m technically not a guest since this is my blog too, but technically I am a guest since Marcy is the one doing Blogtember. If anyone has issues with that, you’ll just need to move on. Please let me know if you need counseling.

Today’s the first day of fall, and I can already feel the weather changing. Fall is definitely my favorite season for a host of reasons: cool, brisk morning walks, leaves changing color, Friday night bonfires, that perfect weather where you’re most comfortable wearing jeans and a light jacket, hot apple cider [and cold, it’s good both ways], and leaves crunching under my feet, among other things. Fall is really just excellent in my opinion. And since the time fast approaches where these leaves will need to be crunched, what better time than now to break out my trusty leather boots!


These are my favorites – Dr. Martens Triumph 1460 boots. I bought a pair of these for Marcy a few years ago and I was so impressed, I bought a pair for myself. Time to get out tramping through the woods in these bad boys.

But wait! Just take a closer look! This leather’s in no shape to face the weather. Look at those frayed threads!


Fortunately, I’m prepared for this situation, and I can get these boots back in tip-top shape in no time. In fact, they might even be in better condition than before! Pull up a chair and I’ll go over it with you.

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine: Chamberlain’s Leather Milk no.1. Often endorsed  by Saddleback Leather, Chamberlain’s Leather Milk truly is the real deal. Their secret recipe is the perfect blend of leather conditioner and magic juice for giving your leather new life.


So let’s get started! To begin, I gathered my boots [unlaced], Leather Milk, applicator pad, scissors, lighter, and both a damp and a dry rag [not pictured]. Make sure your workspace doesn’t have any easily stain-able items or surfaces, since Chamberlain’s has been known to darken things it’s applied to.


Next step: trim off those unsightly loose threads and frayed edges, then burn the end to keep it from unraveling any further.


Next up, take the damp rag and wipe the boots down. This will get rid of all the dust and dirt that likes to camp out on the leather. Make sure to get all the cracks and crevices, because the dirt piles up there the most!


Once you’ve wiped them down thoroughly, repeat the process with the dry rag to get rid of any dirt that’s left as well as any remaining moisture.


Now it’s time for the star of the show. Get some Leather Milk on your applicator pad [this can be done by holding the pad against the upright bottle opening, then flipping it over while keeping the pad tight against the bottle so you don’t spill any], and wipe away! Don’t be afraid to over-apply. Your leather will drink it right up.

Even Onyx seemed interested in this part!

Voila! The finished product! Give the leather a little while to soak up the Leather Milk and dry before using it.


*** BONUS ***

I also took advantage of this time to recondition an old leather belt I’ve had since high school. Remember kids, take care of your leather, and it’ll take care of you.


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blog-tember day 23 // guest post!

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