blog-tember day 22 // getting creative

Tuesday, Sept. 22: Get creative! Sketch, paint, dance, play music, whatever then give us a glimpse.

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I’m making a quilt!

I found a bundle of coordinating fabrics at Michael’s for about ten bucks and thought: this is very cute. this is very, very cute. I could make a quilt… that’s what I’ll do. and if I don’t like it when I get home I can always return it… 

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So I bought the fabric and decided to turn it into a equilateral triangle quilt!

It is going to be very small, but that’s ok. It will make a perfect car seat blanket and  I figure it’s good to learn on a smaller project than be overwhelmed by a queen sized quilt for a first project [which I was previously attempting].

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I essentially just started by googling “how to cut equilateral triangles for quilt” and found this super simple and straightforward video. I went to town and trimmed it all down and cut my triangles in one afternoon.

After I cut all my fabric I arranged it and did the squint test and reorganized the triangles until I was happy with it.

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After that I just jumped in with sewing and realized I had no idea what I was doing and then I did another google search and found this post that details how to sew an equilateral triangle quilt. I had to re-read it a few times to get it, but then it made sense and I was off!

I’ve only finished two rows so far and I’ve since started on my September knit blanket which has taken priority.

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My goal is to finish the quilt top in September and then pick a backing next month. I found this awesome baby crib sized quilt batting for cheap! I think even this sized batting will be too big, but better that than cutting up my queen sized one!

My creative process is all about jumping all in and figuring it out as I go. I’m way less intimidated that way and way more likely to just try. We’ll see if it pays off…

*want to be tomorrow’s guest post? comment below!

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blog-tember day 22 // getting creative

16 thoughts on “blog-tember day 22 // getting creative

  1. Oooh that is so fun! I am throwing around the idea of making one of my goals for 2016 to make a quilt for our bed. I have this picture stuck in my head of what I want…I just know that learning to quilt on such a large project could also have its challenges. Hope you keep us updated on how this quilt goes.


    1. Thank you!
      You should! Maybe you could start with something small to get comfortable, like a table runner or quilted coasters and then just go for it and tackle the quilt.

      & I’ll be sure to post an update with the finished product!


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