blog-tember day 21 // favorite quote

Monday, Sept. 21: A favorite quote/expression and how it has impacted you.

quote - face to the sunquote - always look lovely

In high school I went through a rough/dark time and I’m convinced that every single person does, it just varies how dark or rough. For me, it really wasn’t that bad, but I wasn’t taking care of myself and I was constantly fighting to feel ok.

At the time I had a Tumblr account and I loved all the beautiful images, funny posts, and inspiring quotes. I found these three quotes on there and they were good, but they didn’t change anything. But let me tell you once I quit Tumblr everything was so much better. Misery loves company and it’s more than ok to leave the pity party early.

keep your face always toward the sunshine and the shadow will fall behind you.

walt whitman

These three quotes stuck with me, though. I struggled a lot with confidence and self-esteem but I finally got to the point where I realized it really was true – happy girls are the prettiest. I didn’t have to be the thinnest or the most put together, I just chose to be happy&positive and people were drawn to that and I started making friends.

And even when things are dark and rough and hard, if your face is toward the sun, the shadow falls behind you. Every time. In college I started actively searching for the positive in every situation and the good in every person [that one is really hard during group projects…] and it made a huge difference in my attitude and gratitude.

if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely

-roald dahl

Life happens and it isn’t always easy but figuring out how to handle those difficult situations and circumstances is part of growing.

This last quote is so true and something I’m continually having to remind myself. It’s so easy to compare everything – weight, hair, clothes, income, relationship status, homes, decor, skills, talents, weddings, jobs, heck even kids – but when I focus on what others have, I don’t give myself the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy what I have.

comparison is the thief of joy

Your means of comparison should be yourself. It doesn’t matter how    fill in the blank    someone else is, just focus on being the absolute best you you can be. Because no one else can do that and it’s what makes you special. And don’t forget to love yourself – you are so worth loving.

quote - comparison

*unfortunately, I don’t have the original sources but I’ve linked to where these images can be found.

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blog-tember day 21 // favorite quote

12 thoughts on “blog-tember day 21 // favorite quote

  1. Cristy says:

    These are some great quotes! I especially like the Whitman quote. I automatically create a person in my mind, looking at the sunshine and smiling.


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