blog-tember day 17 // current obsession

current obsessions
organizers, envelope system, method

Thursday, Sept. 17: Just for fun, your latest obsession. What can you not get enough of these days?

The Container Store/Organizing – As I’ve mentioned before, since reading this book I’m totally in the: go through everything, evaluate each item, get rid of stuff, re-organize what’s left mode. I used to keep every little thing that held sentimental value [and just about everything that passed through my hands held sentimental value] and I would feel guilty when giving away/getting rid of things others had given me. The KonMarie method lets you get over that and it is so freeing to release the things in your home that do not spark joy, no matter how they came to be yours. I am totally in love with The Container Store and could spend countless hours and dollars shopping there. I’m currently obsessed with getting my house in order these days.

Pretty, Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies – I partially blame ePantry for this, but Target is just as guilty. Method [+ Seventh Generation + Mrs. Meyers] has totally ruined me for all other cleaning supply brands and I’m not that sorry about it. I’m at that age where I have bathrooms that need to be cleaned and I hate doing it. So if I am weirdly in love with my cleaning supplies and they motivate me to clean? I’LL TAKE TWO. Maintaining a clean home can be so weirdly difficult, cleaning supplies you love help.

This Song – Like many, I came across this song in an in-app ad about a tree. And let me tell you, I have never been less annoyed with ads. This song is just too good. Just gonna go hit replay…. [this one is good too but the music video is a bit much as it is about a kidnapping]

This Post About the Envelope System – Ok, this might be a weird one, but I also have cleaning supplies and The Container Store on this list so never mind it isn’t weird at all. Even though it is a few years old, this post is incredible! It gets me so motivated to dive into the envelope system after months of making excuses as to why we don’t need to do it. THANK YOU VICTORIA STRADER! Everything about how this post presents the envelope system appeals to my deep desire to organize and administrate.

The Tonight Dough Ice Cream – I know I put this is my i love: september post, but it’s still on my mind. Seriously: soul mate ice cream for a girl who doesn’t even like ice cream that much.

I’d say those are the main things I’m currently obsessed with [today]. Mostly super boring grown up stuff! Yay! Haha, but no really, being adult is hard and finding parts of it to enjoy and even be obsessed with is pretty great.

What about you? Current obsession[s]?

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blog-tember day 17 // current obsession

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