blog-tember day 12 // currently…


Saturday, Sept. 12: What are you up to currently? I have examples here and here.

Today’s prompt is a great one and would be easy to start incorporating into regular scheduling! Almost two weeks in, here’s what my September is looking like.

Currently working on my march blanket, trying to finish it up. It’s slowly but surely with this one. If I buckle down and focus I can get two rows done per 30-minute tv show episode. At this point I’m just hoping to get it done by the end of the year.

Currently focusing on getting my 2015 goals completed. If I keep up with all the Blog-tember posts, I should hit my blogging goal by October! In the knitting department, I need to order some more yarn so I can get started on September’s blanket. Then there’s the scrapbooking department…. I spent the entire day on Wednesday working on prepping photos and ordering prints [in.sane.]. Hopefully getting a fresh album and the Southern Weddings core kit will help me knock this thing out.

Currently sewing up a quilt! I was on a late night Michael’s run for another batch of yarn and I saw this cute little bundle of fabrics and impulse bought it. I cut all my triangles on Thursday and am working on getting the top all sewn up. Since it wasn’t a whole lot of fabric this is turning out to be a little baby blanket, but hey I think baby blankets are the way to go when it comes to starting a new craft [see: the majority of my knit blankets]. I have never made a quilt before and I’m just teaching myself as I go with youtube videos and tutorials. The internet is a magical place. Next it’s on to picking a backing and figuring out how to sew on binding…

Currently dreaming of another vacation with my favorites. Our mini-cation to the beach last weekend was so fantastic. Come on anniversary trip!

Currently figuring out life after the Whole30. We kind of screwed up our re-introduction phase while out of town and I’ve been avoiding grocery shopping so we’re eating up the non-compliant things we put away while on the W30. So now we’re thinking of doing another abbreviated round to get back on track and re-introduce properly. Our general thought is to continue with a Whole30/Paleo diet in our day-to-day and grocery shopping, and allowing room to choose what to eat when out to eat, at a gathering, or on special occasions. It’s just a little scary thinking about the fast-approaching holiday season and the abundance of food + gatherings.

Currently applying for jobs. This is probably the most stressful thing I’m currently up to. The application process alone is so draining and I get insanely nervous about things like this. Plus, my options are a little bit limited right now since we only have one working vehicle for the time being. Just trying to keep my eyes and ears open for opportunities and trust God to open the right doors and close the wrong ones.

Currently organizing and getting rid of things! This is so energizing. I read The Life-changing Magic of Tiding Up like everyone else on the internet and loved it. I have always loved organizing and re-arranging things but this book really taught me how to approach tiding in a way that makes a lasting change. It’s surprising how many things you can happily get rid of when your criterea is “does this spark joy?”

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blog-tember day 12 // currently…

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