blog-tember day 11 // friday night in

friday night

Friday, Sept. 11: It’s a Friday night and you decide to stay in. What do you do?

Ahhh, “a Friday night in” is music to my ears. Matthew and I are experts at this one. šŸ˜‰

Dinner is something extra yummy and homemade, like pizza in a cast iron skillet or chicken parmesan [can you tell I’ve missed cheese during the Whole30?]. We take the pup for a walk, a little longer than usual, and have a great time just walking and talking together.

When we get back I scrapbook while he works on a project and we listen to music and then I feel slightly bad about the mess I’ve made in the office so we wrap it up.

Then I bake some amazingĀ cookies.Ā Matthew helps and then gets Netflix cued up. We brew some coffee and settle in to The Office [or whatever show we’re currently on]. I knit while we watch and he works on a leather project.

We finish our secondĀ episode and then look at each other: “popcorn?” He pops the popcorn while I whip up some sort of juice and flavored sparkling water concoction and the we settle in for round two.

We pause after an episode to look at the time and realize it’s late… but it’s Friday! So we watch one more and then after that get to talking on the couch and before we know it it’s an hour later and we really are tired and would like to get ready for bed now. We snuggle up into bed and he reads aloud while I fall asleep way quicker than ever thought possible.

*There is a very real chance that tonight our evening will look a lot like this.

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blog-tember day 11 // friday night in

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