blog-tember day 8 // favorite season


Tuesday, Sept. 8: Tell us about your favorite season. Why is it your favorite and what does it say about you?

My favorite season is fall turning into winter. The leaves changing color and then falling to the ground. Layering up in sweaters and jackets and scarves. The air finally feeling crisp again after a long humid summer.

Breath becomes visible and a warm drink welcomed. The excitement of decorating and lights being hung, lighting up houses going dark early this time of year.

Abundance of family and food and the warmth of gathering together. The special time of giving Thanks and remembering blessings.

The excitement of shopping and secrets and surprises. Wrapping up gifts and tying up bows. Lighting candles each night and watching them glow. Each special moment a time to cherish.

I love giving gifts and making others feel special, baking Christmastime treats to share with everyone. I love how everything feels a little cozier, a little warmer, and a little brighter.

This special time of the year is so full of family, coming together, and traditions – old and new. I love all the anticipation and excitement of Christmas. And the extra time spent together.

I love this time of year because I love being with my family and creating special memories even out of small moments. I love baking and cooking and the warmth if brings on a cold day.

I love snuggling up and realizing we’re warm because we have each other.

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blog-tember day 8 // favorite season

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