blog-tember day 4 // passions

Friday, Sept. 4: What are you passionate about?

This is the kind of question that would trip me up in an interview. I don’t have one big huge solid passion that I pour my everything into, which sometimes feels like what you need in order to answer this question. But with this being a prompt it has forced me to think about it and I have come to determine that yes, there are definitely things I am passionate about:

I am passionate about cooking and food. I have loved cooking and baking and creating dishes for as long as I can remember. When I was about 13 or 14 I started making pizza dough in our bread machine and from then on I was always designated to make the pizza. I helped my mom meal plan and I cooked on nights she was working or needed a break. My mom taught me most of my standby recipes and how to throw things together and turn it into a meal.

I have always LOVED The Food Network and could often be found watching it on family vacations since we didn’t have cable at home. A new cookbook and finding recipes on the internet excites me and I keep a binder of recipes I’ve printed and torn from magazines [I also subscribe to Everyday With Rachel Ray magazine haha. I love that lady].

Doing the Whole30 fed my passion for food even more. I enjoyed writing shopping lists and finding recipes and eating good food. Shopping at Whole Foods is like Christmas and learning about what makes my body and mind happy and healthy was invaluable.

Cooking and baking also ties into one of my other passions, bringing people together. I love hosting parties and dinners in our little house. I love the planning and shopping and preparing process that goes into hosting. I love gathering people and providing a place for good food and great fellowship. Having a house on the smaller side helps keep parties small and intimate which is just perfect.

I am passionate about local and small business. I love hearing about small business and learning more about how they’re run. I love supporting and discovering local businesses and following along on Instagram. I love cheering them on and celebrating their success and birthdays. I love the idea of a small but mighty team doing incredible things and making it happen. It excites me and I feel so proud of them for taking the leap and putting in the hard work.

I’m passionate about: recycling and companies that make great efforts to go green, wildlife preservation and protection, homeschooling and community colleges as excellent forms of alternative education routes, organizing + getting rid of things, maintaining a home that is welcoming and sparks joy, hiking and following streams, helping others, doing administrative work for groups I’m a part of, Project Life and craft supplies, reading a great book, and making every effort to grow and improve my relationship with my husband and ensuring he feels loved, respected, and cared for every day.

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blog-tember day 4 // passions

28 thoughts on “blog-tember day 4 // passions

  1. Food and cooking is definitely one of my strongest passions! I love the concept of Project Life, I have purchased some of the core kits and mini-kits and incorporated some of the cards into Smash Books but I am thinking that in 2016 I will do a full year of Project Life week by week with the proper album and pocket photos. I love looking at everyone’s albums on Instagram and Pinterest!


    1. Isn’t that the best? It works out well that we’ve gotta eat to live! 🙂

      Project Life is great for mixing with other forms of memory keeping/crafting! I have used 3×4 cards for notes and even birthday cards! It’s such a fun system, too.
      Oh, me too! People create the most beautiful and inspiring spreads! Seeing others use it is what introduced me and now I’m hooked!


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