Blog-tember day 2 // the choose your own adventure ideal day

Wednesday, Sept. 2: Describe your ideal day. Where would you go and what would you do?

In thinking about this prompt I realized I have about five different ideal days depending on the conditions: is it an alone day? am I on vacation? is Matthew not at work? am I seeing friends? am I with family?

So I decided to do three versions of my ideal day

alone day // the introvert

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I would wake up at 7 and go make a cup of coffee and then slowly enjoy it on the couch or at the table while doing a Bible study. Once done, I would shower, get dressed and ready for the day and then make some breakfast, something with avocado and bacon, and enjoy it while reading Elise’s blog post for the day.

Next I would take Onyx for a long walk while listening to podcasts. In this ideal day it would be neither hot nor cold but a perfect comfortable temperature void of sweating. After that I would spend a few hours reading, knitting, or scrapbooking, or some combination of all three.

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I would have a super delicious lunch ready for me to pull out of the fridge and warm up or just eat cold, and I would remember to eat it. After lunch I would maybe do a little online shopping for those things I keep remembering I want to get. And since this is an ideal day, ideally I would have tons of available spending money and I would buy all the things I decided on and spend a short time feeling overwhelmingly giddy about the things that will be arriving in the mail in 5-7 business days.

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In the afternoon I would bake some cookies and listen to music, eating only a small amount of dough and not suffering any consequences for it. Then I would go to Michael’s and Target to just walk around and look, maybe buy a few things on clearance. Or a used bookstore instead and spend hours looking at all the books and finding three perfect books at a great price and then head back home.

I would walk Onyx again and then enjoy a delightful dinner of taco salad or leftovers from Chipotle. After dinner I would prep food for the next day and it would take no time at all and I wouldn’t drop anything on the floor.

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Then I’d do some p.m. yoga and settle in on the couch with some of the cookies I baked earlier and watch two episodes of whatever show I’m on while knitting. After that it would be time to brush and floss my teeth, say goodnight to Onyx, and read in bed until I fell asleep.

alternate ending // the outgoing introvert

After the breakfast routine and taking Onyx for a walk, I would get ready for a few friends to come over and then have lunch. They would come over in the early afternoon and we would bake cookies or make smoothies together and talk in the living room with lots of laughter and a hot chocolate or lemonade break depending on the season.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

They would have to go home but after they did I would take Onyx for another quick walk and finish getting ready for both sides of family to come over for a small party get-together. Dinner would have been going in the crock pot all day and I made two pies the day before so all that was left was the finishing touches.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Matthew would come home from work an hour early and we would start receiving guests and working on dinner to the sound of conversation in the living room. We would play a fun game that everyone enjoyed but didn’t take too long and never got that boring lull. We would have pie and some people would have to leave but a few would stay and we’d make another round of coffee and sit around talking a little too late but it would be so worth it.

a day with Matthew // the introverted couple

We would sleep in, but not too late, maybe until 8:30. Then get showered and dressed and go to a delightful coffee shop/cafe and have amazing food and conversation. Ideally there will be biscuits even better than the ones I could make at home and afterward we could walk around downtown and wander into another coffee shop, just to try it out.

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Then we would head home and play with Onyx and take her for a walk [same scenario of perfect weather and no sweat]. Then we would decide what we wanted to do for lunch and come to the conclusion that we weren’t hungry yet but had some leftover pizza in the fridge that we could have once we were. While we waited to get hungry we would work on a project together, maybe an over-sized canvas painting or putting together Ikea furniture. Or we would both work on our own separate projects in the same room. Then we would break for lunch and look at each other and think Isn’t it crazy that this is our life?

Then we would play with Onyx and she would be totally hyped up and hilarious. We would then decide to go on a spontaneous date to our standby Valentine’s Day restaurant and get totally excited about the food while we got ready. We would both look totally smokin’ and take the perfect profile picture worthy photo. We would look the menu over and debate trying something new but then just order our favorites anyway. The restaurant owner would bring us strawberries at the end of our [fun & conversation-filled] meal for free.


Afterward we would walk around our college campus for a little bit and then decide to go to one of our favorite coffee shops and split the heath bar crunch cookie. It would be totally amazing even though we were full from dinner and we would joke about going to get frozen yogurt or ice cream [but definitely wouldn’t because then we would feel terrible about ourselves].

We would come home and change into comfy clothes and cuddle up on the couch, decide it was worth it to make popcorn, and watch one too many episodes of The Office before heading to bed.

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Blog-tember day 2 // the choose your own adventure ideal day

32 thoughts on “Blog-tember day 2 // the choose your own adventure ideal day

  1. I absolutely love this post! I love the originality of having a choose-your-own ideal day, since there really can’t just be ONE! All of your ideal days sound awesome and really nice! 🙂


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