coffee bean votive cylinder

Wednesday I was cleaning out some storage areas in our kitchen, going through everything, reorganizing, and getting rid of stuff we don’t use or need. In our coffee corner in one of the lazy susans I found a bag of whole bean coffee that expired last October [woops]. On top of being almost a year out of date, it wasn’t decaf so we wouldn’t have used it anyway. I was on my way to the trashcan with it when I stopped short and had an idea [That’s So Raven style].

“I’ll use it with a candle in one of the cylinders on the mantel!” I exclaimed [not sure if aloud or just in my head. probably aloud].

So that’s what I did. I poured in the beans and took a big whiff before adding a little tea light in the center to try it out. I remember reading somewhere on the internet a candle “hack” of putting a vanilla scented candle in a bowl full of coffee beans for a delightful smell. That must have stuck with me and inspired me to do this. I didn’t use a vanilla candle, but the coffee smell definitely comes through, even with expired beans! It’s subtle enough, though, that it probably wouldn’t bother someone who is sensitive to smells and strong candle scents.

It is such a cozy little candle and I already love it. So next time you find some outdated whole bean coffee that’s about to take a trip to the trash, stop. pour it into something decorative. add a candle. and voila! You’ve just elevated your space by at least 13% and it kind of smells a tiny bit like a coffee shop in your house now. Lucky you!

coffee bean votive cylinder

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