Whole30 update

Today is day 18 of our Whole30! Yay!

We’ve gotten past much of the yuck of detoxing and are technically in the Tiger Blood Phase. Matthew and I have both noticed improved sleep and way fewer headaches – yay non-scale victories! However, Matthew has felt hungry a lot lately with all the chicken topped salads we’ve been having this week. Gotta get him some more protein and fat in his meals to help tide him over.

I definitely feel like things are easier. We have standby recipes and meals, I know what to shop for, and the intense cravings have definitely subsided. The end is in sight and that makes this all the more manageable.

Scrambled eggs, Paleo bacon, and roasted potatoes

One of the things I’ve learned is that I can do this. This is not that hard. It’s hard, but it is not that hard. I have felt uncomfortable at times and felt annoying for talking about what I “can’t have.” It’s definitely easier to focus on what I can have and get excited about those things [avocados. bacon. grilled chicken. all the roasted veggies]. It is fun to try new food and new recipes. Plus shopping at Whole Foods is totally exciting.

Aidells chicken&apple sausage, peppers, fried eggs, roasted potatoes & onions

Some of the resources that have been really helpful are:

  • The Whole30 Timeline –  Helpful for when you feel like you’re going crazy and asking “is this normal?!” every day.
  • Shopping List PDF – A helpful quick-reference guide for building a shopping list or just pulling up on your phone while in the store. It also has some helpful ranking of good, better, best for qualities of meats and items that are better choices are in blue. I could totally see printing and laminating this to take with you to the store with a dry-erase marker and using it as your list. It’s helpful for making good choices even better.
  • Pantry Stocking Guide PDF – This is a handy guide of items that are good to have stocked in your pantry with tips on how to use them. This is also a helpful quick-reference when building a shopping list and deciding what to keep around while on your Whole30.
  • The Whole30 Book – While there are a plethora of Whole30 and paleo recipes available on the internet, I have found it super helpful to have this book on hand during and preparing for our Whole30. We have tried out several of the recipes and love the sauteed kale with almonds! I used the dried out almond remains from making almond milk and that worked great.
  • The Whole30 Instagram – Following Whole30 really helped break up my feed full of donuts, cake, cookies, and all sorts of other off-limits foods. It is also super encouraging to see posts about a phase you’re in and especially a phase that you’re through.

I haven’t been taking tons of photos of what we’ve been eating, but breakfast is usually some sort of egg & bacon/sausage/sweetpotato combo – still working on getting more vegetables in at breakfast. I did make those egg muffins and they turned out great! I used kale, sage–spiced ground pork, jalapenos, onions, and a little bit of homemade hash-browns, added the eggs, spiced it up, mixed it together and baked them. I made a bunch and they lasted us about four mornings and there are still some in the freezer. I’ll probably continue to make them even after the Whole30 they’re that good!

salad with shredded roast chicken, salsa, and mashed avocado

At this point we’re not sure what we’ll do after finishing our Whole30. Matthew has said he definitely wants to eat grits and biscuits and tortilla chips and pretzels and chili with beans again so I don’t think we’ll be going strictly paleo afterward. We’ll just have to see how the reintroductions go. I’ll be interested to see what types of foods cause averse reactions.

All-in-all, we’re doing well! Staying on track even when it isn’t fun and learning lots about food and how to make healthier choices. I would highly recommend the Whole30 and am so glad I started 18 days ago and not today 🙂 It definitely gets easier after the first week.

Whole30 update

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