twelve blankets one year // march update 

Welp, this (not so) little guy is coming along. Slowly but surely.

I started this blanket officially in March after ripping out multiple starts of different projects. I originally intended to knit up the equivalent of a very thin, very long scarf to use as a Christmas decoration but messed it up and didn’t like the direction it was going anyway so I scrapped it. Then I accidentally joined my three measly rows into a round and couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong and how to fix it. Needless to say, that start got ripped out too.

Once I finally cast on this current monster of over 200 stitches it was slow going. It was especially annoying to work on after working with thick yarns and needles that knit up quickly. I would just knit a few rows whenever I could bear it and then it would be time to start on the next month’s blanket. The past three weeks, however, have been different. I’ve been knitting up a storm! & I’ve already had to make two Michael’s runs to get the next batch of skeins.

As of today I’m not quite halfway done. My plan is to knit it into a queen sized blanket that can go on our bed during holiday season. It’s on the heavy side so I’m not sure it will get much use outside of the winter months. We’ll see.

I think this is the blanket I’m going to be most proud of when I finish. It will also most likely be fondly remembered as my 30 Rock/The Office blanket as I have been getting my money’s worth of Netflix on those two shows alone while knitting.

I have put so many hours into this crazy thing. I hope I don’t hate it at the end of it all…

twelve blankets one year // march update 

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