how i use my get to work book

It has been crazy around here the past few days with car shopping, parties, last minute babysitting jobs, and continuing the Whole30 – not to mention remembering to drop off and pick up library books. One of my favorite tools for keeping track of all the things going on is a planner, and this year I’m thrilled to be using a Get To Work Book by Elise Cripe. More than just a daily planner, this book is also goal-oriented and has special features that cater to that aspect.

I love the simple and clean design of the Get To Work Book. I didn’t have to settle for a planner that had a color scheme I liked but was filled with patterns I didn’t care for or vice versa. Clean. Simple. Black/White/Gray. Room for my thoughts and plans (and washi tape). It isn’t gendered by any means and the art graphics throughout are fun and modern (and double as art prints!).

One of the most obvious things I’ve noticed in using this book is a focus on daily and weekly priories. In each weekly spread there is space for three action items for the week. Using this section has helped me kick it in gear and just get it done already things that I’ve just been meaning to do but never get to. Similarly, there are three special lines at the top of each day in a contrasting color. I originally thought I would use the space for meal planning – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – but it didn’t really stick. I now use it for my “big three” for the day which has been anything from cleaning the bathrooms to grocery shopping to prepping for dinner to finishing reading a book. I have really liked the deliberate focus these have brought to my days.

The project breakdown pages are awesome! I used my first one for planning Matthew’s birthday party and it SO helped keep me on track and cognoscente of what needed doing. I also used the other side as a place to keep track of rsvp’s which was helpful to have on hand when it came to deciding quantities.

The back cover has a pocket that is currently filled with business cards, the promotional material that came with the GTWB and a few postage stamps. It’s a great catch-all for papers and cards before they get sorted and put away. And having a few stamps on hand is super helpful for me!

Seeing our Whole30 start to finish on one spread is so encouraging! I’m always amazed at how fast the month flies by and August has been no exception – it’s more than halfway over! I’ve got plenty of calendar, goal, and task apps on my phone, but I’m a true pen-and-paper girl. I’ll always be more likely to complete a physical checklist over a virtual one. And nothing beats turning pages and feeling the weight of a book shift from right to left as you go.

Pre-order your own 2016 Get To Work Book here. I’m excited to be getting a snap in bookmark to add to my book!

This post was not sponsored in any way and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

how i use my get to work book

2 thoughts on “how i use my get to work book

    1. Thank you, Jacqueline! Same here! I love it.
      I do! I use a monthly desk calendar (similar to this: & small sticky notes to schedule post topics on specific days and I use my GTWB for the details. Like making lists of what needs to happen in order to finish the post:
      Take photos
      Write post
      I also like to write the post title/subject in the top of the three special things checklist area of the day it’s scheduled to go up so that way I can easily keep track of what’s been scheduled/posted. Or if I have a project that needs to be completed for a post I like to put it in one of the weekly goals spots to keep me motivated and on track. And the note space at the bottom is great for little notes and reminders that don’t have a specified due date like looking into something or products to buy, etc.
      All-in-all it’s great for lots of blog-related planning and organizing!


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