i love: august

Stackers Jewelry Storage from The Container Store, roasted sweet potatoes, LaCroix Peach Pear sparkling water, “laughter covers a multitude of spills” art printable from Coffee + Crumbs, the Southern Weddings ProjectLife line, ombre rope dog leash by Found My Animal, refrigerator letter magnets from Target, teal silicone wedding band by Qalo

I was finally able to get that jewelry box system this month and it has cleared up the majority of my dresser mess, I love it so far. Roasted sweet potatoes and peach-pear LaCroix are my current favorites, especially while on the Whole30.

That art print would be a super fun in the kitchen & I’m drooling over the Southern Weddings ProjectLife product line – trying to decide if it would help me finish up that wedding scrapbook…

Came across Found My Animal through Instagram and I’m in love with both their mission and their teal ombre rope leash (& matching collar). I saw these refrigerator magnets, whose color is much more vibrant and attractive in real life (see), in Target and snatched up a set. Then went back and bought a second set – they were even on sale! Debating a third….

Lastly, silicone wedding bands by Qalo! Matthew found these and was really interested in them because his wedding band has a wood inlay that doesn’t play well with water. He wanted to get a red band to be able to still wear a ring while at the beach/pool, working on the car, or doing yard work. I got him one for his birthday and also got myself the uber pretty teal one.
These are a great option for those that can’t wear a traditional ring due to their line of work, skin sensitivities, gym workouts, or other activities that make wearing a metal band a hazard. They come in lots of colors and provide cheap shipping! Win-win!

i love: august

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