i love: july

i love july
Animal Kingdom coloring book for adults by Millie Marotta, classic pop mold by Zoku, Periscope App, cold brew coffee pot by Hario, gold glitter water bottle by kate spade new york, leather cord wrap set by Saddleback Leather, The Four and Twenty Black Birds Pie Book by Emily Elsen & Melissa Elsen, “from me to you” postage stamps by USPS

July’s fun mix of things I’m loving and things that have caught my eye this month.

The coloring book for adults? Genius AND gorgeous. Spring & summer are fruit pie months to be sure and with anniversaries and birthdays I’ve been busting out my pie book quite often.

We are making cold brew with our Hario pot each night since the summer heat has come to stay – it’s much more enjoyable to be sipping cold coffee, especially when you commute in a vehicle without A/C! Another way we’re keeping cool is homemade popsicle! We have the classic pop molds by Zoku but the lil pops and shapes would be fun too.

I’ve been using the Periscope app to watch mostly the adorableness that is Becky Higgins. The kate spade ny glitter water bottle and those stamps are totally cute & I’d love some leather cord organization – loose earbuds in my purse aren’t my favorite plus we’re only slightly addicted to Saddleback around here.

p.s. It’s Prime Day over at Amazon! If you’ve got a Amazon Prime membership go check out some deals!

i love: july

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