three cheers for four years

7 birthdays
6 beach trips
5 moves
4 college degrees
4 valentine’s day celebrations at David’s
4 concerts
3 levels of relationship – dating, engaged, married
3 ring purchases
3 graduations
2 trips to IKEA
2 months long-distance
2 car engine deaths
1 dog
1 house
1 epic love story

and countless late nights, text messages, kisses, hours of homework, laughs, songs, dances, photos, adventures, tears, coffee shop visits, conversations, i love yous, i’m sorrys, meals with family, love notes, books read, posts liked, loads of laundry, car rides, plans, jokes, voices, plates of pad thai, pies, prayers, hugs, dreams, gifts exchanged, hairs found, episodes of dr. who, and so much more.

Yesterday Matthew & I celebrated 4 years of being together! It isn’t ever perfect but it sure is my favorite. Loving someone truly teaches you so much about yourself and who you love and reveals just how much we can’t love in our own strength. If anything it shows us how desperately we need our Savior and how much better things are when we rely on Him. 

I love this journey with you, Mr. King. 


three cheers for four years

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