recipes we’re loving right now 


The internet is awesome. Especially for finding things like recipes. There are an embarrassing amount of tabs left open in my internet browsers with various recipes, small business shops, blogs, and products. I love that you can just type in a dish you want to make into a search bar and hundreds of recipes are instantaneously placed within reach. I spend way too much time determining if a certain recipe is the “right” one and often compare it to multiple others just to see how common the ratios and ingredients are for a certain dish.

So here are a few recipes we’ve been enjoying lately.

  1. Everyday Pad Thai by Isa Chandra – we sub the broccoli for stirfried chicken and add egg too, but this recipe is vegan and insanely delicious. The sauce is one of the trickiest elements of pad Thai and this one does the trick. 
  2. The best soft chocolate chip cookies by pinch of yum – a much easier alternative to the ever delicious Jacques Torrres-style delights. 
  3. Grapefruit thyme cocktail by Tracy Shutterbean – an incredibly refreshing summertime favorite. This drink is one of my most favorites and is equally delightful when prepared virgin style. 
  4. Cherry struesel pie from The Four And Twenty Blackbirds pie book – this pie is so incredible and often made by me during this time of year for special people in my life. This book honestly unlocked a buried passion of mine: pie baking. They’re my favorite special occasion treat to make & I know lots of great people who don’t complain one bit about that. 
  5. One-ingredient banana ice cream by the kitchn – this almost isn’t even a recipe, but knowing how to make a one-ingredient frozen dessert that is so-many-diet-and-eating-habit approved is worth it. Sometimes I’m not sure if I buy bananas to eat or to have them ripen so I can freeze them because both applications are awesome. As a big fan of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, this recipe really resonates with me. 
  6. Pâte Brisée by Edd Kimber – really looking forward to trying this shortbread pie crust out for strawberry pies as I’ve grown up with store bought crust and my standby flaky crust just isn’t quite right for the job. 
  7. Homemade taco seasoning – we are always up for a taco night and this new seasoning is becoming a fast favorite. I love that I can get multiple batches of meat out of one recipe of seasoning and don’t have to make a batch each time we brown ground meat. 

What recipes are you enjoying these days?

recipes we’re loving right now 

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