5 things 

We separately wrote five things about each other. Here goes:

Marcy on Matthew 

1. He. Is. So. Funny. He makes me laugh so much and often. I love that I get to experience all the funny moments. He’s so much fun and is always willing to play a game or do something fun. 

2. He is super patient. Which is really important when dealing with someone like me. It’s like his superpower and I’m so thankful for it. 

3. His helpfulness and easygoing nature. I never have to worry if something coming up or a change in plans is going to throw him for a loop. Because it never does. He is flexible and willing to change plans. Something I really admire because I tend to need a bit more time to adjust to new plans, especially if I’m sad that they changed. He is also helpful, always asking if there’s anything he can do to help especially at dinner time [always a welcome offer!]. Even when having dinner with my family, he can often be found helping with prep, cleaning up, or doing dishes. As a girl who grew up in a home where dad did clean up most nights, I am especially thankful for his consistent help with dishes at home.

4. His heart for leading worship. Matthew is always ready and willing to either lead or help lead worship at our church. He constantly amazes me with how he can just jump in and play whatever songs are picked, even if he’s not heard them before. And it’s impossible to not fall more in love with a man as he worships. And as much as I’d sometimes rather have him standing beside me on Sunday mornings, I’m so proud of his consistency and desire to play guitar and sing, leading our fellowship in worship. 

5. His deep love for and lasting commitment to me. The fact that Matthew and I even ended up together is nothing short of a miracle, but to be the subject of his love and affection is just incredible. He is so kind and giving and patient and caring. He is respectful and honest and I can always be sure he truly cares about what I have to say and how I’m feeling. He is attentive and supportive and looks for ways to serve me. I am beyond blessed be be loved by [and married to!] such an incredible person. He lights up my life in a way no one else ever could and I’m so glad he chose me. [also he’s totally hot]

Matthew on Marcy

1. She is so very thoughtful. Marcy will spend hours, days, and weeks planning all the little details of surprises for me, family, and anyone she really loves. From a journal full of love notes to me to a handmade blanket for her cousin, Marcy’s thoughtfulness and love are woven into every little piece of what she does.

2. She is hilarious. No one can make me laugh like Marcy does. She has this “Marcy on Twitter” mode she gets into where it’s like she’s live-tweeting our life and it is just so funny.

3. She loves the things that I love. I know this may sound dumb, but it’s really awesome having someone that truly shares your interests. Of course we don’t have everything in common and there are plenty of differences between us, but with almost all the really important things, we’re on the same page. The same good music makes us both feel things inside. We both have an intense appetite to cook and make new types of food. We both love traveling and have a deep love for the mountains. And most importantly, we both love Emery and Lord of the Rings  [kidding but also not kidding].

4. She is so, so beautiful. To be honest, some of the first things that attracted me to Marcy were her sea green eyes, her smile that lights up my world, and her fabulous hair. She is hot, to tell you the truth. Waking up next to your best friend every day is awesome, and waking up to that beautiful face doesn’t hurt either.

5. She’s really, really cool. Marcy will set her mind to something and just do it! A few weeks ago the freezer was freaking out and getting ice all over everything, and when I was at work, Marcy sent me a picture of the fridge and freezer with everything taken apart as she investigated the problem [turned out we had just left it just a tad bit open, which caused all the problems]. One day I came home from work and Marcy was halfway through knitting a cowl. I was confused since I’d never seen her knitting before, so I asked when she learned to do that. The answer was “oh, today.” Marcy is so cool.

5 things 

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