abm happy mail // may

In December the girls over at A Beautiful Mess launched Happy Mail, a subscription service that sends you cute cards and fun special items each month. Matthew gave me a year-long subscription as a post-Christmas gift (he’s the very best!) and I have been receiving Happy Mail since January. Each month includes a fun mix of flat and folded cards with a few special items. They range from traditional-occasion specific (like birthday and moving) to random occasion (like brunch and dates) to sentiment (thinking of and missing you) to all-occasion and in-between! They provide a great mix of fun and unique cards that are perfect to have on hand. It has saved me time and money and I’m all about some savin’.

I would definitely call myself a “card person.” I have always kept every card I’ve been given and the ones with thoughtful messages are so special to me. Couple that with my love of paper and this is easily one of my favorite parts of the month. I have loved having an array of fun and unique cards to pick from to help celebrate each special occasion and make the everyday a little more special. Here are each of the items in May’s kit:

The special foil this month is a rose gold and adds an extra level of ‘party’ to the cards. The foiled items are usual some of my favorites. The You’re Golden, dance step pattern, Happy Birthday, Eye Love You, and What’s Up postcard are all blank on the inside/back allowing for lots of writing and fun customizations (like stamps!). The succulent card says “you’re my favorite” on the inside, the pretzel card says “…but I still love you!” and the sewing accessory card says “You’re cute as a button.” Another one of my favorite aspects of this subscription is the fun envelope color-combos. No more plain and boring white! I also like that you can swap envelopes on cards that are the same size! The special items this month include two art prints and two sticker sheets. The Get To Work print is one of my favorite items this month and looks so good hanging up in my workspace. I love both the sentiment and the colors. AND THAT WI-FI PRINT, YA’LL. So. Great. It’s completely covered in foil and is totally shimmery and a super fun way to display your wi-fi passwords for guests (they’re going to ask, help ’em out).

The emoji stickers are envelope sealers and the pink phrase stickers are such a fun way to dress up an envelope or card (or anything else!). Emojis are taking over but I’m not complaining. Heart-eyes forever. The sentiment stickers are get-together themed with lots of variety so you can string together a bunch or keep it simple with just one or two. Creating is such a fun and unique way to express yourself and I just love it.

These are my top favorites this month. Each month I often think “oh this is perfect for Matthew!” about every card haha. “You’re my favorite” and “you’re golden” are some of my top phrases and I’m a big fan of the bold statement – throw in some gold foil and it’s golden. :]

light catching the foil!

Yay for Happy Mail and bringing thoughtful back!

abm happy mail // may

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