2015 goals

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Time to set our sights high and set goals for ourselves for the year. Oh. Wait. No it’s not. It’s mid-May, almost five months after people usually do that sort of thing. Woops.

I had already set some loose mental goals for myself and started a daily tracker for brushing my teeth (more on that in another post) but nothing more than that for the whole year. However, after seeing this instagram post from Nicole Reaves I was way too inspired to leave it at that. I pulled together my scattered thoughts and scribbles of goals and created something incredibly tangible and fun and track-able.

Materials-wise, I just used a piece of cardstock cut down to 6×8 (I found it to be a more approachable size than a full 8.5×11), a piece of washi tape, stamps, and sharpies. All of the stamps except for the varsity alphas on the top left are from Studio Calico along with the washi. The alphas I got in a dollar bin at Michael’s. I wanted it to be fun but also simple and while it certainly isn’t perfect it gets the job done and that’s the most important thing.

I think one of the biggest keys to success for me personally when it comes to goal setting and getting things done is visually tracked progress, in addition to making very specific and obvious statements about what those goals are. For as long as I can possible remember my family would hold a meeting on New Year’s Eve and reflect on the past year, set goals for the upcoming year, and review the previous year’s goals. We usually did one thing for multiple categories (because my mom is a genius) along the lines of: physical, spiritual, mental, etc. And for as long as I can possibly remember my list always included losing weight. At the end of the year when we reviewed I wouldn’t even know if I’d met that goal because I didn’t track it – it was just a general “all around” kind of statement. There were no action steps, no specific numbers, and no definitive beginning and end point. It was always embarrassing and defeating and I eventually got smart and quit saying it was one of my “goals” and spared myself the end-of-the-year awkward.

But hey! That’s the past! I have now learned how I can better goal set to encourage success when it comes to my goals. One of the most important things about this list is that it is very track-able and obvious when something has  been completed. It isn’t “read more books,” it’s read 10 books with space included to write down the book title and completion date. Specific, obvious, track-able. So here we go, my top five goals for the year:

one // read 10 books – After graduating college last May, I totally fell off the literature bandwagon. My focus was on planning a wedding and preparing for marriage, so I did read a lot of marriage books (and blogs) but that was the extent and I didn’t really track what I’d read. After years of literature classes one might be sick of forced reading assignments, but I found that there was a void there that wasn’t being filled – I needed to read. Books rock. I want to read more of them. Matthew reads aloud each night before we go to sleep and I will be including those books as we finish them. Follow along with what we’re currently reading via the GoodReads widget in the menu!


two // write 50 blog posts – This is my-crazy-I’m-not-sure-I-can-actually-do-this-one goal. But I’m writing it down and going to work to make it happen. I’ve been trying to act like I know what I’m doing with this space and create an ~editorial calendar~ but let’s be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing and I haven’t figured it out yet so here goes. I realized I have lots of ideas for potential posts and once I started thinking about it 50 felt really doable. I want to maintain a consistent posting schedule without setting myself up for failure so I’m not sure what that will look like yet. Right now I work to have a post every Friday, but twice a week seems pretty doable so I think that’s what I’m going to start shooting for. Fine print is write 50 posts, they don’t have to be published in order to count, but they do have to be scheduled and ready to roll. These are also personal posts – any that Matthew write will not count toward my 50. I’m already excited to color in the next one after hitting ‘schedule’ on this one.

three // knit 12 blankets – This is the one goal that I mentally set for myself in February after realizing that I was already two for two. Momentum, even just a little, is good for that. I’m really excited for this project and especially for a place to share my progress. This is such a fun hobby for me and I’ve got friends and family having babies left and right meaning I’ve got homes for most of the blankets to go to and I wont be drowning in knit blankets at the end of the year. I’ve already completed January, February, and April and I am in progress on March and just started May, hence the half-heart. I’m looking forward to learning and trying some new things with knitting this year!

four // register for 1 class – Lately I’ve really been wanting to attend a cooking class with Matthew for a date night. Sur La Table sends me lots of emails and the class menus always look so fun and interesting. We both love to cook and I think we would have a lot of fun taking a themed cooking class for a few hours one weekend. As you can probably tell, I don’t have a ton of confidence in us to actually accomplish this so it is phrased as register for a class, just in case. haha

five // finish project life honeymoon&wedding album – Every month since our wedding I have great intentions and say one of my monthly goals is to complete our honeymoon and wedding scrapbook and every month ends with little to no progress. Part of the lack of success on this has been due to my laptop’s sudden, unexpected crash in March which resulted in losing my folders of curated photos (uuuuuuhhhhhhhggggggg). But I’m happy to say all honeymoon photos have been printed and spreads are currently in progress! I’d love to have this done by our first anniversary so we can look through it on that day, but I’m officially giving myself until the end of the year. I would love to find my PL groove this year and get a routine for working on monthly spreads built into my days/weeks. I love photos and looking through albums and completed albums (no matter how full) are always so special to me.

So that’s it! Those are my top 5 tangible, obvious, track-able goals for the year! I’ll be posting (less in-depth ; ) monthly progress reports for added motivation.

2015 goals

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