twelve blankets one year // april

On January 17, 2015 I completed my first knit blanket. It was the biggest knitting project I’d ever completed and it had also taken the longest of anything I’d made up to that point. It was a super fun knit and I worked on it in all my spare time for five days. It isn’t perfect and it’s kind of an awkward height/width proportion, but it special to me and what fueled my idea for knitting twelve blankets in a year.

This month, I completed a simple red and white blanket. I accidentally bought four skeins of Red Heart SuperSaver (yuck) online thinking it was something else. As soon as I felt it I had no idea what I was going to do with it. It was so awful. If you’ve ever touched or worked with it you know what I’m talking about, it’s coarse and a little scratchy but not in the authentic wool way. I thought about returning it but it would cost me half of my return value in shipping, so I just left it alone. When we got our dog, Onyx, mid-March an opportunity arose to put that scratchy awful yarn to good use!

I knit a simple rectangular blanket using four strands at once, two red and two white. The result is a super thick, almost plush, blanket to cushion Onyx’s crate! Previously we’d just been using an old lightweight wool blanket that wasn’t thick enough to cushion the hard plastic bottom of the dog crate. I was super excited to find a use for the Red Heart and also fill a need of a crate cushion without having to spend any money on a pricy one. Win-win!

To make this blanket I used size 10 needles and cast on stitches until it looked wide enough for the crate (very specific and calculated). It ended up becoming the length of the blanket because guessing doesn’t really work with casting on and I knit until the rows added up to being the width of the crate. Fortunately, knitting a rectangle is a pretty forgiving project. I just knit back and forth garter stitch, nothing fancy at all, until it felt big enough to call “done.”

Surprisingly, I really loved how it turned out and the scratchy unpleasantness of the yarn is somehow diminished once knit up. I could totally see using the Red Heart SuperSaver to knit a small area rug, especially as an quick, easy, and cheap way to add color to a space – like in a kid’s room. Plus the dimensions are totally flexible so you can create a custom size rug for your space! It is also nice because they mean it when they say “super saver,” it’s a lot of yarn for cheap.

Onyx is enjoying her cushied up crate and I’m enjoying the lack of guilt about yarn going to waste. & now, on to the next blanket!

Coming soon! Posts on January-March’s blanket projects.

twelve blankets one year // april

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